Make the right Moves with your Healthcare Supplies and Equipment

Doctors, nurses, and healthcare educators refer their patients to WS&S Medical because they know they will
receive the highest quality supplies and medical produ
cts along with superior customer service. Our program
was designed with the patient and healthcare professional in mind.

We know what it is like to be disabled and have someone who does not fully understand your needs selling
products that play such an integral role in your life. WS&S Medical addresses this problem by offering the
community of disabled people worldwide the opportunity to buy products from people like you, who
understand your needs.

WS&S Medical is a company dedicated to people with disabilities. It is a place to meet, share, educate and
conveniently make purchases. WS&S Medical supports your product inquiries with experienced and
knowledgeable people, who understand your needs because they use the products and live a similar lifestyle.
By checking us out you become part of a community that opens the door to a whole new world of
independence, information, and support.

WS&S Medical -  where you’ll find a solution for all your urological supplies, rehabilitation equipment,
wheelchairs and aids to everyday living.  WS&S Medical is owned, managed and staffed with men and
women with disabilities.  Knowledgeable sales representatives that are end users of the supplies and
equipment that you use daily. Sales and customer service representatives that know what a big difference
something very small can mean to your comfort and how it can enhance your life.
Exemplary Provider Accredited                The Promise of Health Care Excellence